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Trapped inside this Octavarium

Live Another Day, Climb A Little Higher

20 April 1983
-I hold a B.M. in Music Education from Millikin University. (and NO, BM in that sense does not mean "bowel movement", I just thought I would clarify in lieu of stupid jokes)
-I love the Green Bay Packers, and am tolerant of any Bears fan out there until he starts getting in my face about it. Then I hate him. Unless he's named Mitch. Then it's ok to an small extent, because I expect that from him.
-I enjoy sarcasm, especially as of late, since I just watched the entire first season of House.
-I'm a Christian. So do not go all crazy and get offended and call the activists if I mention praying or going to church. That's the way I am. I'm open about my faith.
-However, just because I am a Christian doesn't mean I don't have an open mind.
-I enjoy music immensely. And not just because I have to. My favorite music genre is progressive rock, and I love Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, the Flower Kings, and Spock's Beard to name a few. I'm also fond of classic rock, power metal, and classical music, just to name a few.
-Since I am a music nut, I will be making numerous posts about music that may seem pointless to you and important to me, or vice versa. Feel free to comment if you like.
-I'm a middle school music teacher, and believe that teachers are unfairly underpaid, because anyone making more than $100K a year would die from one day in a clasroom with 7th graders.

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