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South Park Me


So, I joined twitter. The phenomenon that is taking everyone by storm. I'm still skeptical about how much it is necessary, but if it turns out that I like it and people are interested in knowing what is going on in my life, I will continue using it.

I'm mainly making this post for either Misty or Heather, maybe Tracy, because I know you can update LJ via twitter. This may entice me to make more posts from here.

I'm also mainly joining Twitter because Vanessa and I are going on a cross country trip on Sunday. We are going out east to South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington DC. Being that internet is not guaranteed everywhere, I want to keep the twitter as not only a mini-journal for myself, but also to let everyone know we are ok.

You know, maybe I should tell my mom about this, because then she won't call me at very inconvenient times, she can just look it up.

Tomorrow's agenda: clean living room, stop mail, mail package to dad, pack, meet with Kelly about cats... I think that's about it.

Oh BTW, Tegan had surgery today, she had a tooth pulled. All is ok though.
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My grandparents are leaving (probably Wednesday) to go on a cross-country trip with my great-aunt and great-uncle, but they're going the opposite direction - North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, and Texas were the states they mentioned.